Vision: A community that is 100% engaged in support of student success.

Mission: To create life-changing learning experiences for every student.

Equip and prepare students for their future learning and career goals.


  • Develop and implement community-based college and career readiness models that primarily serve first generation students
  • Provide information and resources to all students and families through broad outreach and through partnerships
  • Expand access to financial resources to support college and career readiness
  • Provide students with real world skills and experiences through the engagement of volunteers
  • Support and connect alumni in college to resources to ensure degree completion

Value, empower and support teachers and principals to ensure the highest impact learning experiences for every child.


  • Invest in the innovative and/or best practices of educators
  • Implement a framework in which educators can share their best practices
  • Engage the community in the value of the profession of teaching and connect educators to community experiences

Engage and energize our community in support of student success.


  • Continue to bring the community together to support a culture of learning
  • Engaged individuals in meaningful volunteer experiences
  • Promote collaboration, innovation, and sharing of resources
  • Facilitate Future Ready Collier network of community partners

Leverage financial resources to provide for current and future needs of the organization.


  • Annually execute a development plan that strengthens and builds relationships with existing and new donors
  • Leverage local, state and national resources to provide support for restricted funds (grants and scholarships)
  • Increase annual revenues generated through grant writing and direct support for programs in alignment with event and marketing strategies to maximize all revenue sources
  • Develop and execute a 30-year anniversary campaign to build permanently restricted endowment funds to sustain the work of Champions For Learning.

Expand reach and build awareness for goals and impact of mission through communications that drive acquisition as well as cultivate existing audience.


  • Develop and implement a multi-channel communications plan rooted in telling the stories of students, teachers and volunteers who benefit from the mission
  • Establish targeted contact strategies for key audiences that grow and retain involvement and giving
  • Create experiences that inspire the community to engage with and support our mission
  • Continue to build relationships to leverage all marketing opportunities (print, digital, television, radio and social media)

Implement financial and operating systems to manage records and plan for technology capacity to accomplish the mission and goals.


  • Align accounting, development and program record keeping systems to provide accurate and timely reporting of outcomes and goals.
  • Develop a technology plan to support the growth and capacity of the organization.
  • Provide accurate and relevant reporting for staff and board to evaluate and report outcomes for programs and financial goals.
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