Continued Support for Students

Champions For Learning provides continued support and resources to our students while they are enrolled in college, technical school, the military, and as they transition into their careers. Virtual workshops are offered throughout the academic year and links to the recorded sessions are available through the resource section on this page. In addition to learning opportunities, our college students have unique scholarship opportunities and support for when emergency/urgent needs arise that may otherwise prevent them from completing their coursework.


This is a special opportunity only available to Take Stock in Children graduates of Champions For Learning using a Florida Prepaid 2-Year Florida College Plan. If selected, students would receive an additional Florida Prepaid 2-Year Florida College Plan. This scholarship covers tuition for two years at the Florida state public college rate for Florida Prepaid College Foundation approved institutions. Alternatively, we are also offering a Dormitory Plan. The Florida Prepaid 1-Year University Dormitory Plan is designed to be used at approved standard double-occupancy dormitory rooms at State Universities in Florida; however, all university-held housing options are eligible for payment from Florida Prepaid. To view a list of eligible dorms, visit You must select on your application which scholarship you are applying for.

Fall Application Opens: October 2, 2023
Fall Application Deadline: October 31, 2023

Spring Application Opens: April 2, 2024
Spring Application Deadline: April 19, 2024

For assistance or questions regarding applications, please contact Jessica Perez at or call 239.434.3203

2023-2024 Step-By-Step FAFSA Instructional Video (For continuing college students attending fall 2023 – summer 2024)
2023-2024 Step-By-Step FAFSA Instructional Video *Spanish Subtitles* (For continuing college students attending fall 2023 – summer 2024)
2024-2025 Step-By-Step FAFSA Instructional Video *Coming Soon*