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Champions Graduate Passes Down Knowledge to College Peers

Prisca Paul headshot holding Florida Atlantic Unversity flag

Prisca Paul graduated from Champions For Learning’s College and Career Preparation Program in 2022 and is currently studying marketing at Florida Atlantic University. Her dream is to become a business consultant. When she was a sophomore in high school, she was uncertain whether she would be able to achieve this dream, as she did not know where to begin with the ever-growing tasks of FAFSA submissions, career planning, and college and scholarship applications. Being a first-generation student, Prisca felt overwhelmed trying to navigate these processes and was unable to rely on her family for guidance since they were also unfamiliar with post-secondary education requirements.

She connected with Champions For Learning and eventually enrolled in our College and Career Preparation Program as a junior. The program is designed to equip and prepare 11th and 12th grade students for their future learning and career goals by emphasizing skills and topics that are critical for students to achieve success after graduating from high school. “I learned essential life skills such as how to look for scholarships, how to budget those scholarships, applying for FAFSA, and personal finance management,” Prisca said about the program. “Champions For Learning held my hand every step of the way, offering me priceless resources that equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed to prepare for my higher education.”

Champions For Learning incorporates a wide range of elements for students who are enrolled in the College and Career Preparation Program, including academic support, leadership development, college admissions guidance, career exploration, coaching, campus tours and presentations, community service learning, financial literacy, and work experience. Students also prepare personal branding statements and gain experience in personal goal setting.

Although she has graduated and gone on to enroll in college, Prisca remains connected to Champions For Learning and is passing down what she learned as a College and Career Preparation student. “These skills not only proved invaluable during my high school years but continue to serve me to this day as I navigate through college,” she said. “I have even been able to transfer that knowledge to friends I made along the way and guide them much like Champions has done for me.”

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