Our Work for Educators, Our Work for Students

A Message from Barbara Evans, our new CEO

As of September 13th I will be the new CEO of Champions For Learning, the education foundation responsible for creating life-changing learning experiences for every student, with a community that is 100% engaged in support of student success. Champions For Learning serves a unique role in bringing the community together to support a culture of learning and innovation.

I’d like to thank Susan McManus for the work that she has done over the years. The legacy that she is leaving is incredible.  A special thanks to Dr. Terrie Mitev for serving as the interim.  She’s done an amazing job meeting with the staff and bringing the students together. I look forward to working and continuing to advance the Champions For Learning mission.

From a young age, I’ve understood the importance of education. I moved to this country as a toddler and had a parent who couldn’t help me with homework. I relied on my teachers to offer me assistance. I couldn’t be more honored to have been chosen to lead the Champions For Learning and to support an organization that is working to support our educators.

There are great things happening at Champions. Everything from the new technical pathways pilot, the new support of the CCPS entrepreneurship program, and continuing to honor and support Collier County’s educators.

Thank you,