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Record Number of Classroom Grant Requests in Need of Funding

The Education Foundation of Collier County – Champions For Learning’s Classroom Grants portal is open and is seeing a record number of requests from Collier County teachers. More than 200 grant requests have been submitted to date for the 2023-2024 school year that just begun. Members of the community have the opportunity to fund these projects and provide teachers with much needed supplies, classroom items and enrichment activities to support our educators and further enhance student’s educational experience.

According to the National Education Association, more than ninety percent of teachers spend an average of $500 of their own money on supplies and other items their students need to succeed in the classroom. The unstated expectation that educators will spend their own money on supplies and equipment are factors in teacher attrition, especially for new teachers who may struggle to provide these additional expenses.

“Our classroom grant program provides teachers with a way to receive funding for classroom programs/projects that they otherwise might pay for out of their own pocket or not be able to provide at all,” shares Barbara Evans, President and CEO of Champions For Learning. “This program affords a unique opportunity to support our educators in tangible ways that make a significant difference to educators and students in Collier’s classrooms.”

Champions For Learning’s Classroom Grants are available to all Florida Department of Education approved schools in Collier County, including traditional public, charter and private schools. All Classroom Grant requests are approved by the teacher’s principal to assure alignment with school goals and priorities. Grant requests may not exceed $2,000. Donors are welcome to support Classroom grants by making a gift to Champions For Learning’s Classroom Grant Fund or they can hand select a particular grant. All grants are awarded on Surprise Delivery Day in early October. Unfunded grants and additional requests stay open on the grant request platform unit March.

Last year with charitable gifts from individuals, businesses and foundations, Champions For Learning was able to fund 311 Classroom Grants across 56 Collier County schools totaling over $200,000.

To make a gift to Champions For Learning Classroom Grant Fund, visit To hand select a classroom grant visit