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Lely High School’s Theatre Program Returns Thanks to a Classroom Grant

After a 15 year pause for Lely High School’s theatre program, they recently performed Mother Goosed, made possible in part by the investment of the Michael J. Searcy Family through the Champions For Learning Classroom Grant program.

Dr. Cynthia Gomez teaches Language Arts and Theatre at Lely High and wanted her students to be able to experience theatre in an authentic and memorable way. The $500 donation enabled Dr. Gomez to purchase supplies for her students, including stage materials, make-up kits, and scripts, allowing students to organize, plan, and produce a performance that will not be soon forgotten.

The materials purchased allowed the students to experience a true performance, including set designs, make-up, and costuming.  Gomez says hosting and performing the show has “reignited a passion for theatre among our students”.

“These students will learn things that will push them out of their comfort zones and stretch their character. They will learn that the sky is the limit, and with the right words- they can become whomever they choose to be,” shared Gomez.

Our Collier County community has the opportunity to change the lives of students in many ways. The students and staff at Lely High will never forget the impact the Searcy family’s donation had on them. This one donation has changed the lives of many students. Champions For Learning believes in the power of education and is proud to see the impact one person can make for a whole community.

Collier County teachers! The classroom grants portal is now open for submissions. You can apply for a grant here.

All grants will be made public for community based funding for the 2022-2023 school year starting on July 19th.

In the meantime, support classroom grants in Collier County by purchasing a Support Education license plate. When a Florida resident purchases or renews their Support Education specialty tag, $20 goes directly back to support schools, teachers and students in the county where the tag is registered.  In Collier County, Champions For Learning, The Education Foundation of Collier County, invests 100% of those proceeds into classroom grants.

Lindsay Lydon is a graduate of Champions For Learning’s Take Stock in Children mentoring and scholarship program. She is currently a junior at Florida Gulf Coast University studying marketing and advertising and is interning with Champions For Learning this summer.