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Classroom Grants Support Students Learning Life Skills Thanks to Funding from Lipman Family Farms

During the 2023-2024 school year, Champions For Learning distributed over $306,000 to educators across Collier County through our Classroom Grants program, which provides funding for supplies, classroom items, and enrichment activities not included in the school’s budget. The program allows educators to implement projects and instructional lessons that increase student engagement that they otherwise might pay for out of their own pocket or not be able to provide for their students at all.

Because of the incredible partnership and generosity of Lipman Family Farms, nine educators’ projects were fully funded, totaling over $8,000 in equipment, crafts, and technologies that not only enhanced the learning experience this year but will benefit future classrooms as well. “Lipman Family Farms’ commitment to education dates back to our founder, Max Lipman,” said Maria Munguia, Community and Programs Manager at Lipman Family Farms. “While he was never taught how to read or write, he made it a priority to make sure each one of his children were not only educated but had the opportunity to go to college.  It was that commitment that was the foundation of our success, so we also feel passionately about giving students access to the tools they need to be successful in school.  Our backpack giveaway is now in its 14th year, and we continue to honor Max’s legacy by also providing teachers with the funds they need to make sure their students get the education they deserve too.  We are proud to be able to help the Champions For Learning classroom grant program flourish and thank all the teachers for their commitment to our students. “

At Immokalee High School, students with special needs were able to learn about recipe planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. After choosing which dishes they wanted to cook, they visited Publix and navigated how to stay within budget by deciding between different brands. Back in the classroom, they learned how to use various kitchen tools and engaged in conversation about food safety, germs, and cooking techniques. Educator Lisa Brookins designed her Classroom Grant project around teaching her students important independent living skills as well as sustainability. The cookware and utensils she purchased with funding received from Lipman Family Farms will be used to teach students for years to come.

At Lake Trafford Elementary, educator Megan Neill utilized an awarded Classroom Grant from Lipman Family Farms to support the school’s Garden Club, a group of 50 students who are interested in growing their own food. The club purchased a rotating compost bin, gardening gloves, organic worm castings, and organic pest control to help them reach their goal of cultivating a garden from seed to harvest. Students not only maintained the garden through weeding and creating natural fertilizer to promote growth, but they also learned about the functions of a plant, including germination and pollination. From this, students gained valuable life lessons such as work ethic and patience during their hands-on experiences in the garden.

Educator Ethan Striz has implemented a uBwell program at Immokalee Middle School, where students participated in both fitness activities and meaningful discussions on topics regarding self-image/self-talk, anxiety, stress, goal setting, and bullying to promote positive mental health. Students focused on life and wellness skills like autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Grant funding from Lipman Family Farms was used to purchase a variety of fitness equipment, including kettlebells, weighted bars, sandbags, plyo boxes, and resistance bands. By engaging in enjoyable physical activities and impactful conversations, students also cultivated a sense of belonging with their peers.

Thank you, Lipman Family Farms, for supporting educators like Lisa, Megan, Ethan, and many others in Collier County as well as sharing our belief that education is everything!

Will you be counted as a champion for learning by making a gift to support our Classroom Grants program for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year? Your investment ensures that our educators achieve professional success.