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Classroom Grants Portal Now Open

Champions For Learning’s Classroom Grants: Find It & Fund It, Collier portal is now open for the community to fund classroom projects that Collier teachers have submitted for the 2018-2019 school year.

This online grant program began in 2003, to enable the community to support teachers. Thanks to a charitable gift from Suncoast Credit Union, which supports the technology and capacity for the classroom grant portal, 100% of community contributions go directly to support teacher grants. This portal allows the community to view and fund classroom grants.

Classroom Grants are also funded through the License for Learning Fund (Florida Education Tag). Community members can buy this specialty license plate in Collier County. $20 of the annual $25 fee is donated to Champions For Learning and 100% of the funds support classroom grants.

The support provided through both the Classroom Grant Fund portal and the License for Learning tag will give teachers the funds needed to implement creative and innovative learning experiences for their students. The community can view classroom grants at

Champions For Learning encourages teachers to continue posting requests for community consideration and funding through March 2019. Teachers who are new to the process may contact Amy Snyder at for more information.