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Classroom Grants Inspiring Future Leaders in the Classroom

Collier County teachers make a tremendous difference in their classrooms by implementing new tools and teaching methods thanks to Champions For Learning Classroom Grants. This school year, more than $200,000 was invested in 56 schools in Collier County through the Classroom Grants, which is open to Collier County educators in traditional public, charter and private school classrooms.

One of the teachers awarded a classroom grants is Maureen DeLacy at Lely High School. Maureen’s students in the Criminal Justice Academy at Lely High experienced what it is like to investigate a crime scene because a classroom grant was funded.

Using measuring tapes, compasses, walkie talkies, theatre blood and more, Mrs. DeLacy conducted an outdoor crime scene for 170 of her students to investigate. To investigate the evidence behind the unsolved case, students engaged in this hands-on activity using critical learning skills and strategies taught in the classroom. This practice scenario gave students an opportunity to use real-world materials to investigate a made-up crime and draw conclusions from their findings. Requiring a 100X100 ft grid and non-human artifacts, this outdoor crime scene allowed students to learn about the sciences involved in investigating and how to document, preserve, and secure evidence.

“My students have learned that solving crimes involves a wide range of scientific fields and expertise. I believe my students have greater confidence in the Criminal Justice system based on their study of the relevant professions and sciences that are used,” shared DeLacy.

From this Champions For Learning Classroom Grant, DeLacy was able to purchase the necessary materials to make this interactive crime scene a fun learning opportunity while implementing realistic data collection tools.

“Students increased their knowledge of the sciences used in a crime scene investigation   and had lots of fun while engaging in these interactive activities,” said DeLacy. “Many of the skills my students learned are transferable to other disciplines and areas of their lives.”

The impact this classroom grant will have does not stop after this school year, the materials from this project will continue to impact more students each year as DeLacy continues teaching this experience.

Having received multiple grants from Champions For Learning over the years, DeLacy continues exposing her students to Criminal Justice activities that motivate and inspire students. DeLacy organized a First Responders Field Day on the Lely High School campus. First responders from Greater Fire Rescue, Collier County EMS, Collier County Sheriff’s Office, and Naples Police Department facilitated interactive, educational activities for students. This service event exposed students to different interactive courses including CPR First Aid training, law enforcement physical ability, firefighter physical ability, 911 communications, Fatal Vision DUI impairment goggles, and ananthropological dig for bones. These activities allowed students to learn about each of these agencies and their role in the Criminal Justice System.

These experiences are bringing excitement into the classroom, encouraging students and inspiring future Collier County student leaders.

Classroom Grants for the 2023-24 school year will be available for funding in August of 2023. Until then, you can view a list of last year’s funded classroom grants by clicking HERE.