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Classroom grant portal now open for Collier teachers, community funding

Florida Weekly

Champions For Learning’s Classroom Grants: Find It, Fund It Collier portal is now open for the community to fund classroom projects that Collier County teachers have submitted for the 2022- 2023 school year.

Collier County teachers can apply for a classroom grant to help support innovative learning experiences within their classroom. Individual teachers (or teams) may apply for up to $2,000 per grant request and may submit multiple requests, if they are for different projects. Collier County teachers can learn more and apply for Classroom Grants through the Champions For Learning website, www.ChampionsForLearning. org.

Last year 226 Classroom Grants were funded by our community investing $115,230 into Collier County schools, impacting teachers and students across 53 schools.

Once Collier County educators submit their grant request, the classroom grants can be funded through one of two ways. Classroom grants can be funded by the Classroom Grants Fund, which is determined by a committee, or through community-based funding, sometimes known as crowdfunding. Classroom Grant requests must be posted by Tuesday, Sept. 13, to be considered for funding by the Classroom Grants Fund. For community-based funding, Classroom Grants must be posted by March 10, 2023.

The community has the opportunity to provide life-changing learning experiences to students through funding classroom grants. Visit www.ChampionsForLearning.org/CWACgrants to see a list of grants waiting to be funded and choose which local teachers and classrooms you want to support.

Thanks to a charitable gift from Suncoast Credit Union, which supports the technology and capacity for the Classroom Grant Find It, Fund It portal, 100% of community contribution goes into supporting teacher grants.

You can also help fund Classroom Grants through the License to Learn Fund (Florida Education Tag). Collier County community members can buy the new version of the license plate tag now, $20 of the annual fee is donated to Champions For Learning and 100% of the funds support classroom grants.