We Are Future Ready!

Champions For Learning is a partner with and backbone organization supporting Future Ready Collier, a collaborative network of community members, organizations, businesses and schools working to ensure every child in Collier County is ready for Kindergarten and every young person enters adulthood with a vision and a plan to accomplish that vision. Future Ready Collier is the Collier partner for the regional FutureMakers Coalition.

The goals of Champions For Learning align with Future Ready Collier:

Goal 1: Foster real-world learning opportunities for students and families.
Our program focus in helping young people and families find the best pathway to attain their goals in a way that is debt-free aligns with the efforts of Future Ready Collier to ensure young people are career ready by graduating high school on track to obtain a degree or credential.

Goal 2: Cultivate opportunities for educators to engage with their community and each other.
Our programs investing in and sharing the innovative and best practices of educators, and connecting educators to their community, contributes to the Future Ready Collier goal to ensure young people are ready for career and college.

Goal 3: Promote community-based collaboration, innovation, and sharing of resources.
Champions For Learning has many years of community engagement and experience convening conversations in our community. This unique role has positioned Champions For Learning as the backbone organization facilitating the collaborative network for Future Ready Collier.

Help us connect students to their future.