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Student Corner: Preparing for the ACT/SAT

With the major changes to the high school senior’s timeline this year, seniors have to plan ahead to ensure they have achieved the scores necessary to meet the admissions requirements for the school to which they are applying.

For a rising senior applying to a state university, they would have one more attempt at the ACT and SAT (ACT Sep. 10 and SAT Oct. 1, which is bold in the grid below) in order for their schools to receive scoring results by their priority application deadlines in November. Schools with rolling admissions, like a state college, may accept test scores as late as February, so it’s important to know the school’s deadline and be prepared.

In addition to college admissions, test scores are often used to determine eligibility for scholarships. Merit based scholarships, such as Florida Bright Futures, accept test scores up through high school graduation.  Therefore, even though a student may have already achieved scores high enough to be accepted to the university they’ve applied to, it’s important be aware of institutional scholarships and other merit based scholarships as students may choose to retest to achieve a higher score.

Test Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline        (fees apply) Score Release Date
ACT 9/10/16 8/5/16 8/19/16 9/19/16
SAT 10/1/16 9/1/16 9/13/16 10/20/16
ACT 10/22/16 9/16/16 9/30/16 11/8/16
SAT 11/5/16 10/7/16 10/25/16 11/24/16
SAT 12/3/16 11/3/16 11/22/16 12/22/16
ACT 12/10/16 11/4/16 11/18/16 12/21/16


There are a number of free resources available to students preparing to test:

Free recorded concept reviews from the ACT (English and STEM)

Free Vocabulary builder, practice questions, tutorials, and flashcards

Free Practice questions, video summaries, and study guides

Free online SAT and ACT practice tests with scoring

The 2016/2017 Preparing for the ACT Test booklet