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College and Career Checklist: 11th Grade through Rising 12th Grade

Complete August through Early December (fall):

____Concentrate on your grades and review courses for the year so you take rigorous classes

  • Acceptance into college is contingent upon successful completion of 12th grade

  1. ____ Evaluate your transcript with your school counselor and review requirements for graduation, vocational schools, and state college and university admissions
  2. ____Discuss your post-high school education plans with school counselor and parents/guardians
  3. ____Attend College Night at GGHS in September
  4. ____Attend Parent/Student night at your school
  5. ____Attend Financial Aid Night at your high school (Dates posted on CCPS website)
  6. ____Continue working on community service hours and other volunteering opportunities
    • You need 30 Community Service Hours to qualify for the Florida Gold Seal Scholarship, 75 hours to qualify for the Florida Medallion Scholarship and 100 hours to qualify for the Florida Academic Scholarship
    • Visit your school guidance counselor for approved sites and to get desired site approved prior to volunteering
    • Community service form can be found on your school’s website
  7. ____Implementing ACT/SAT study and preparation plan
  8. ____Register for SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests in late fall, spring, and fall of your 12th grade year
  9. ____Update resume with awards, honors, paid or volunteer work, and extracurricular activities
    • Colleges want to know about leadership roles.
  10. ____Save work and projects samples in high school/career portfolio (shows creativity and leadership)
  11. ____Start taking SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and/or ACT.


Thank you for your support