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College and Career Checklist: 10th Grade through Rising 11th Grade

Complete August through Early December (fall):

____Continue discussing your future goals with family and talk to your school guidance counselor to determine resources available to support your future plans

  • Discuss admission testing required for your post-secondary plans
  • Gather information on post-secondary schools and programs
  • Begin planning for financial assistance
    • Bright Futures and other scholarships, start saving up

  1. Take interest inventories to explore and identify possible career options
    • Visit:
  1. ____Evaluate your transcript with your school guidance counselor and review requirements for graduation, vocational schools, and state college and university admissions
  2. ____Concentrate on your grades and review courses for the year to take as many rigorous classes as you can handle
  3. ____Research advantages and requirements for Florida Southwestern State College’s Dual Enrollment and FGCU’s Accelerated College Experience programs
  4. ____Attend Parent/Student Night at your school
  5. ____Attend College Night at Golden Gate High School in September
  6. ____Create a resume if you have not done so, or continue to update it
  7. ____Register for the PSAT (your school might do this for you)
    • Take the PSAT as a practice SAT and for National Merit and other scholarship opportunities
  8. ____Work on community service hours and other volunteer opportunities
    • You need 30 Community Service Hours to qualify for the Florida Gold Seal Scholarship, 75 hours to qualify for the Florida Medallion Scholarship and 100 hours to qualify for the Florida Academic Scholarship
  • Visit your school guidance counselor for approved sites and to get desired site approved prior to volunteering
  1. ____ Join a school club, organization, sports team, or other extracurricular activities
  1. ____ Research colleges and programs available while in high school or once in college
    • Can include summer camps, study abroad, research opportunities, department programs
  1. ____ Develop a study and preparation plan for the ACT and SAT to begin in the spring semester
    • ACT/SAT must be take during 10th grade year if considering FSW dual enrollment or FGCU ACE programs


Complete Mid-December through February (winter):

  1. ____ Start preparing for SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and/or ACT
    • Look for SAT/ACT prep courses
  1. ____Research summer programs or internships where you can gain real-world learning experiences
  2. ____ Plan to participate in an internship or volunteer opportunity during the school year or over the summer to gain real-world experience in a field of interest or potential career path


Complete March through July (spring):

  1. ____See your counselor to determine if the FSW dual enrollment or FGCU ACE programs are a good option for you
  • Great way to earn college credit while in high school and work toward Associate’s degree
  1. ____ Research scholarship opportunities and criteria
  1. ____ Mark calendar with the ACT and SAT registration deadlines for Fall and Spring of 11th grade



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