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College and Career Check List: 9th Grade through Rising 10th Grade

Complete Late August through Early December (fall):

____ Think about college as an important part of your future

  • Discuss your thoughts and ideas with family and school guidance counselor or teacher
  • Start saving money for college if you have not already
    • There are other expenses associated with college outside of attending a school

  1. ____ Review high school graduation requirements with your school guidance counselor
  • Work towards taking challenging classes such as Advanced Placement (AP) , dual enrollment, and AICE Cambridge throughout high school to prepare you for college
  1. ____ Visit your school counselor to talk discuss your plans for the future and explore college choices and college planning programs available, such as AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), Quest, CROP, etc.
  2. ____ Develop good study habits and self-management skills to build throughout high school
  1. ____ Emphasize academics—grades are very important to establish a grade point average (GPA) and class rank, which are important factors for scholarship eligibility and college acceptance
    • Remember, college admission departments see grades from first 3 years of high school
    • Any acceptance is contingent upon successful completion of your 12th grade year
  2. ____ Take standardized tests seriously—results are used for course placement & college advising
  1. ____ If you need help in your school work, get help!
    • Ask a teacher or advisor, find time before or after classes and attend homework help sessions or open library hours for quiet study space
  2. ____ Attend Parent/Student Night at your high school
  3. ____ Attend parent-student conferences and talk with your teachers and your parents/guardians about your educational goals, grades and past state assessments
  4. ____ Attend College Night at Golden Gate High in September with your parents/guardians
    • Great opportunity to meet college representatives and gather admission information
  5. ____ Apply for documents that you will need in the future to apply for Bright Futures, scholarships, FAFSA, and other college-related forms
    • Social Security number if you do not already have one
      • Find out the processes and get started with your parents/guardians
    • State-issued identification card (can later be replaced by Driver’s License)
  6. ____ Start learning about college financial aid options



Complete Mid-December through February (winter):

  1. ____ Research colleges and programs available while in high school or once in college
    • Including summer camps, study abroad, research opportunities, department programs
  1. ____ Research scholarship opportunities and criteria
  1. ____ Continue to research admission requirements at different higher education institutions
  • Review your four-year plan and make adjustments as needed
  1. ____ Participate in extracurricular activities that interest you and get involved in the community
    • You need 30 Community Service Hours to qualify for the Florida Gold Seal Scholarship, 75 hours to qualify for the Florida Medallion Scholarship and 100 hours to qualify for the Florida Academic Scholarship
  • Visit your school guidance counselor for approved sites and to get desired site approved prior to volunteering
  • You will obtain the community service form from your guidance counselor


Complete March through July (spring):

  1. ____ Take on leadership positions whenever possible
    • School, community, and religious activities
    • Clubs and organizations
    • Athletics
    • Honors, honors, and recognitions
    • Volunteer/Community service activities
    • Work experience
  2. ____ Create a resume that you can update throughout high school
  3. ____ Take computer and speech classes early in high school
  4. ____ Make sure to create and maintain a professional email address
  5. ____ Be mindful of posts, pictures, and comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, and all other social media sites


Thank you for your support