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College and Career Check List: 8th Grade through Rising 9th Grade

Complete March through Early June (spring):

____Become involved in community service

  • Explore your career interests and gain real-world experience
  • Begin community service hours for scholarships and leadership experience

  1. ____ Ask your parent/guardian to help you research college and career programs during the summer or during the school year
  2. ____ Sign up to take challenging and interesting classes in high school
    • Take Algebra I or Geometry your 9th grade year


Complete Mid-June through Early August (summer):

  1. ____ Take an interest inventory to identify possible career options by visiting:
  1. ____ Participate in your high school 9th grade orientation
  2. ____ Research different careers fields that you find interesting
    • Consider the following:
      • Level of education required for career
      • Summer programs available to high school students in these career fields
      • Colleges, universities, technical or trade schools that provide career path
      • Internships/volunteer opportunities available and when you can apply
  1. ____ Stay sharp during the summer by reading books, reviewing classroom material from the previous school year and planning for the upcoming year


Thank you for your support