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College Campus Tours

Entering college can be a scary process for high school students. To ease the transition process, Champions For Learning organized college campus trips for Collier County students to visit five very popular college campuses nearby.

Champions students were invited to go on campus field trip tours at the University of Florida, University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, Florida Polytechnic University, Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University. These university trips are significant to Collier students because these are colleges our students tend be accepted into, so having an opportunity to visit in person is a great deal.

Once on campus, students were able to view study halls, campus dining, dorm rooms, classrooms, and most of the surrounding area.

“During Covid, many Champions students did not have the opportunity to experience walking onto Florida campuses. I am so happy these students were able to see the campuses for themselves,” shared Kristin Carolan, Director of Student Success, who attended all these visits.

On these visits students took notes, pictures, and soaked up their new environment. Campus tours are important for high school students so they can have a feel for what college will be as they grow into independent young adults. Many families each year do not find time or have a lack of resources to show their children college campuses. Champions For Learning prioritizes offering students opportunities to help them graduate high school and implements ways to prepare them for their post-secondary journey.

During the visit to the University of Florida students shared how this experience impacted their perception of college life.

“I came on this tour to learn about one of the best colleges in Florida. I learned that even if I don’t make it in as a first year I can apply as a transfer since I am going in with my Associates Degree. Since I plan to go to Law school after my bachelors, I learned that I don’t have to major in Law for my Bachelor degree, which is really cool. This makes me very excited to apply. The best part of the trip was when they talked about the offered club’s diversity. I’m very excited to meet new people,” shared Victoria S., senior at Lorenzo Walker Technical College.

Another senior attending Lorenzo Walker Technical College, Skye S. shared, “On the tour, I got to see more of campus life. I really wanted to see the University of Florida and I’m so happy that I came on this trip, so my parents didn’t need to call off work. I really enjoyed it because I got to see more of the campus, student life, and I got to meet two students that go here. It’s nice to see what they offer and also what I can do for my major. My favorite part was going to the dining hall and seeing the campus as a whole.”

“I am interested in applying to the University of Florida and I am glad I got to see the campus.” Shared Eder R. a junior attending Golden Gate High School.

Champions For Learning is thankful to our donors for allowing us to facilitate and fund these opportunities that will impact our students’ futures. You can view ways to give on our website.

Lindsay Lydon is a graduate of Champions For Learning’s Take Stock in Children mentoring and scholarship program. She is currently a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University studying marketing and advertising and is working part-time with Champions For Learning.