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Champions For Learning’s CEO Becomes Principal for a Day

Champions For Learning’s CEO, Barbara Evans, had the pleasure of being Principal Evans for a day at Manatee Elementary School. Evans spent the day reading to students, participating in student leadership meetings and so much more!

The Principal for a Day program was designed to help give community leaders a better understanding of what school looks like within the Collier County schools.

“Our Principal for a Day initiative in Collier County allows us to get different members of the community into our schools to share the good news of what is happening. It allows people in the community to see what is happening on a day-to-day basis. What’s happening in the classroom, with the children. What is happening with our teachers. It helps us spread the good news about our school and get to know the leaders in our community. I was very excited to be connected with Barbara so I could get to know her as the new leader of Champions For Learning,” said Dr. Laurie Mearsheimer, principal of Manatee Elementary School.

On top of all the reading to students, observing classrooms and participating in meetings, Principal Evans quickly won over her new staff with a catered lunch generously donated by Publix.

“Being on the inside and seeing how a typical school day functions is amazing. Our educators and staff do so much for our students. It is comforting to know our students are in good hands. Education is everything,” said Evans.

The title of Principal Evans has now been retired however it is safe to say Manatee Elementary School is in great hands.