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Champions For Learning Prepares Graduates for College

On Thursday, June 8th, Champions For Learning hosted its Senior Send-Off and provided our 2023 high school graduates with refurbished bicycles and laptops to use at college as well as a Wal-Mart gift card for each student. Because of the generosity of Bikes for Tykes and North Naples Church, we provided these recently graduated seniors with the tools they need to succeed in college.

Some graduates from Champions For Learning will not have a car in college. With college campuses being widespread, having transportation is crucial. Bikes for Tykes refurbished 25 bikes to help the 2023 Champions For Learning graduates who are in need of transportation in college. Students were also provided with helmets and bike locks.

“We have an annual event with Champions For Learning, a place where I also mentor children. It’s a bike giveaway for the graduates as an award for those who are going to a campus that may be too big to walk around. So we offer our bikes,” said John Whipple, Champions For Learning mentor and Vice President of the Bikes for Tykes board.

If transportation is not an issue for students, but technology is, Champions For Learning provided 25 refurbished laptops to 2023 program graduates who do not have a computer or tablet since turning in their Collier County Public Schools device upon graduating. These laptops have been donated and refurbished by community members.

“Today they [Champions For Learning] provided me with a laptop and a bike which is one of the many things I do need to be successful when I go to FSU. I need a bike to travel around from class to class so I’m not late because you know they preach punctuality here, so they are helping me a lot,” said Tanya Raphael, 2023 Champions For Learning graduate. “They gave me a laptop which I am very thankful for so I can get my assignments done. There is no excuse not to get my assignments done because I do have a laptop now. They have really given me the foundation that I need to succeed while I am in college.”

In addition to a bike or laptop, each Champions For Learning 2023 graduate was given a $20 Wal-Mart gift card, courtesy of North Naples Church, to help them purchase school / dorm supplies needed. Champions For Learning recognizes that each student has different needs when entering college. Through the support of the community and various organizations, Champions For Learning is able to be the conduit and meet the needs of our students.

“While we are celebrating our 2023 graduates this year, we are already thinking about our 2024 graduates, what they will need and how the community can be a part of their success story. We are already looking forward to those graduates, these graduates coming back and being the future of our community,” said Jessica Manchette, Chief Programs Officer, Champions For Learning.

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