For Students

Attention Collier County graduating seniors!

Champions For Learning has one-year JumpStart scholarships available! As soon as possible, seniors must complete their applications for a scholarship that Lory Garraux said will allow her to reduce her financial burden of obtaining a college education so she can focus on her studies.

“My family has always supported my efforts and have worked hard to provide for me but it is a struggle to afford paying for college. That is why I am taking the initiative of applying for this scholarship!” Garraux said.

The JumpStart scholarship provides eligible students with 30 credit hours at a Florida technical program, state college or state university for one year. In addition to helping with the rising cost of tuition, recipients receive support for financial aid, life skills and career exploration through three virtual workshops.

Garraux said, “Scholarship opportunities are a key finding that can create a strong foundation for supporting students such as myself in their success. That is why it is so essential to apply for scholarships such as the JumpStart scholarship.” By being able to lower the costs of college and the number of hours she would need to work during school, Lory plans to earn her undergraduate degree in health sciences and pursue a career in nursing. Eventually she plans to apply to a physician’s assistant program. By applying for the JumpStart scholarship, she will reduce the financial burden of her education.

Applications for JumpStart are now open. To find the eligibility requirements and to apply visit