Changemakers, Our Work for Students

‘It’s one of the most gratifying things I have done’; More Mentors Needed

Champions For Learning is dedicated to creating life-changing learning experiences for students. One way this is achieved is through the mentor program Champions For Learning offers.

Students are accepted into the program in 8th grade and matched with a mentor through high school. Someone who encourages them and helps them achieve their career and colleges goals after graduation.

Many mentors involved in the program have done so for years. Wayne Mullican has been mentoring students through Champions For Learning over four years.

“I did this for the gratification of helping students succeed in life,” says Mullican. “It is one of the most gratifying things I have done.”

Mullican says mentoring is a way to give back to his community when his golf game is not doing great.

More Mentors Needed 

At the end of the month, the process of matching current 8th graders, who have just been selected into the Champions For Learning program, with mentors will take place. However, Champions For Learning is in need of more wonderful mentors who want to support education in Collier County and impact students’ lives.

CFL is in search of people like mentor Dottie Whipple.

“I value education. I went to college my whole life at night,” says Whipple.

Whipple says as a single mother, she worked hard for her education. Her and her son were in college at the same time. Whipple graduated a year before her son.

Whipple says she did not know about Champions For Learning and its mentor program when her son was in high school. Instead, she was the champion and mentor for him. Now, knowing about the program, she is able to help other students succeed.

“It’s wonderful to help someone look forward to a future they never though they would achieve,” says Whipple.

Dottie volunteers alongside her husband, John Whipple.

“It’s like being a guide. Helping these students get to the next level,” says John.

Volunteers such as Wayne, Dottie and John are the reason many high schoolers in Collier County are successful in high school and move on to accomplish great things. It is because these high schoolers have someone in addition to their parents in their corner, rooting for them and helping them.

Becoming a Mentor

If you are wanting to give back to the community, consider becoming a mentor today. A schedule for upcoming meetings and gatherings for those wanting to become a mentor can be found under ‘Learn More’ on the Champions For Learning website. To apply to become a mentor and for more information on the mentor program, you can visit the Champions For Learning website.

Mentors should have 2+ years of Collier/Lee County residency. A minimum of 15 sessions with your mentee is required within the academic calendar year. All new individuals seeking to become a mentor are asked to attend an All About Mentoring learning session, to better understand information regarding the mentoring program and the role and responsibilities of a mentor, including the next steps to becoming a mentor. Champions For Learning provides training and workshops to attend with your mentee, and networking events with other mentors.