Changemakers, Supporting Champions For Learning

Because of Our Volunteers

At Champions For Learning, volunteers are the changemakers that fuel the success of the organization. Because of these changemakers, Champions For Learning is able to create life-changing learning experiences for students and educators in Collier County.

Each year, nearly 400 changemakers dedicate thousands of hours in support of Champions For Learning’s mission. These members of our community volunteer their time in many different ways.

More than half of the volunteers at Champions For Learning serve as mentors for our Take Stock in Children program, dedicating countless hours during the student’s high school years. Becoming part of the students’ support system, mentors are excellent listeners and trusted advocates who want to see their mentee succeed and accomplish great things. Because of volunteers who choose to mentor, students’ lives are forever changed.

New this school year, the INCubatoredu entrepreneurship program within Collier County Public Schools is composed of volunteers. Champions For Learning manages the recruitment and stewardship of mentors, coaches, and judges. These volunteers bring real world expertise into the classroom and not only help students grasp business concepts, but also help students hone critical life skills such as public speaking and interviewing. Because of volunteers, students gain confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Hundreds of volunteers serve on our 15 different community-based selection committees at Champions For Learning. Selection committees serve a critical role in the selection of students to access scholarships and programs offered through Champions For Learning. Volunteers review applications and allocate funding for classroom grant as well as serving on  the Golden Apple selection process. This year, a new selection committee was formed to distribute much-needed hurricane relief funds to Collier County educators and staff.

Often unseen but no less valued, are the volunteers that help with clerical tasks and event details. From assembling event invitations, to stuffing nametags or manning the reception area these detail oriented volunteers make our organization shine.

It is clear that without volunteers who serve as changemakers, Champions For Learning would not be able to have as wide of an impact on education in Collier County. As volunteers are celebrated across the community, Champions For Learning honors our changemakers who give willingly of their time to help better our community through education.