Our Work for Students

College & Career Preparation

Champions For Learning’s College and Career Preparation Program is designed to equip and prepare students for their future learning and career goals. Through the program, students will learn about the various options that are available to them post-graduation, including college programs and career opportunities. They gain valuable experience in how to make informed life decisions regarding their educational and vocational pursuits. Students prepare personal branding statements and personal goal setting.

Upon entering the program, students enroll in either the college pathway or the technical pathway. The program incorporates and emphasizes relevant skills and components that have been proven to be highly effective for students seeking either college readiness or career preparation: academic support, college and career planning, leadership and foundational skills development, college access, coaching, service learning, financial literacy, work experience, and family commitment and participation.

Case for Support


The College and Career Preparation Program empowers students from households with low incomes and the middle-class gap who cannot afford the full cost of post-secondary education or technical training without help. Many of these students are on track to be the first in their families to graduate from high school and to overcome the obstacles to higher education or technical training that they face.

Providing Pathways for Individualized Student Journeys

College Pathways

For the college pathway portion of the program, enrolled students attend sessions regarding the admissions process, college selection guidance and SAT/ACT test preparation. They also participate in college application workshops on essay writing, individualized goals and action plans. Students complete their FAFSA and are assisted in identifying and applying for appropriate scholarship opportunities offered through community-based organizations and perspective colleges. Students tour college campuses and attend college fairs and recruitment presentations so they can be exposed to a broad range of colleges and universities.

Technical Pathways

For the technical pathway portion of the program, enrolled students explore real career opportunities, establish bridges to future education and gain understanding of the industry credentials and certification process in their chosen field. Most of these students are dual enrolled in Lorenzo Walker Technical College.

Help Make A Difference

Champions For Learning is the only organization in Collier County focused on supporting educators in traditional public, charter and private schools.

Through all of our challenges, Champions For Learning was there for my mom and me. With their College and Career Preparation program, affording college suddenly became something that I knew I could achieve.

In their lab sessions, I spoke to and learned from people in the community and volunteers. Through their events, I also networked with community members and other professionals.
Champions For Learning taught me how to take all of the challenges I’d overcome and make myself a leader in my community and pursue my passions.

I truly believe that I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for Champions For Learning.”

College and Career Prep Graduate